(1) Starting at approximately age eight, by her own admission, AYANNA SOYINI PRESSLEY (born February 3, 1974) was sexually abused for a decade by who this research teams believes to her own father, Martin Jackson Terrell, a convicted violent felon and heroin addict who was in and out of prison for sixteen years for pulling home invasions and ripping off heroin dealers. AYANNA PRESSLEY also stated someone who committed the "deepest of betrayals" routinely beat the xxxx out of her mother in front of her. It was not a big jump for Baby Daddy Marty from physical to sexual abuse. The duration of the abuse (10 years) indicates it was a household member. It also coincides with Terrell's sixteen year crime spree when he was in and out of prison.

(2) AYANNA PRESSLEY failed to report the rape to the school nurse. She nor her mother ever reported it to the police.

(3) AYANNA PRESSLEY still refuses to identify her assailant which further leads me to conclude it was her father. She doesn't want to see him die behind bars.

(4) As a High School Senior AYANNA PRESSLEY described herself as "richly endowed cheerleader with bubble bath butt bootie Koolaid smile [who likes] older men." Except for the "older men" relatively normal however, she also stated "If nothing else I am a survivor." Later she elaborated on what "survivor" meant:

I lived in the school nurseís officeóand not because anything was physically wrong with me, but because I had so much dysfunction and drama and trauma in my life, Parker was this sanctuary, this refuge, this soft place for me to land. And when I was really going through it, the school nurse was my lifeline.Ē She said, without elaborating, that she survived a decade of childhood sexual abuse as a child in Chicago. ďI was a Big Sister, I did motivational speaking, and I would give the girls my cell phone number and they would call me at all hours. They would call and say, ĎMy uncle touched me, can you help? I know this happened to you, too,í because Iím a survivor of a decade of childhood sexual abuse and, later in life, campus sexual assault. Iíd always been very transparent about these things.[REF]

Francis W. Parker School, a private school in Chicago that was lily white and the time and is still 2/3 White according to their website. Many Jews endow it adding another dimension to PRESSLEY - an ingrate. PRESSLEY must have advised these victim to report what happened to them to the proper authorities yet she and her mother did not. AYANNA PRESSLEY still can press charges against this child rapist if she wants to lock up her own biological father. Click here to see the law.



How did her mother Sandra - a Chicago community organizer with a social conscience - not realize what was happening when her daughter was being sexually abused for ten years? TEN LONG YEARS! She must have known but was afraid of Martin Terrell. In Chicago, Sandra worked as an advocate for tenantsí rights with the Urban League, (where Ayanna's father "works" today) and in management for a patent law firm. Eventually, she moved to Brooklyn, N.Y., where she worked as secretary for Time Warner until blood cancer forced her to retire. According to AYANNA PRESSLEY Sandra PRESSLEY had been the victim of abuse:

Let us reject the myth that strong women bold women, independent women do not find themselves in the throes of violence at the hands of someone who claimed to love them. My mother my Sandra found herself in such an abusive relationship, one that threatened her physical safety, her sanity, chipped away at her dignity and her joy. As a child to witness the abuse and degradation of the person who is your world, your everything, it is an image, a feeling, which never leaves to the millions of women who find themselves in the shoes of my mother and to the countless daughters who find themselves looking on. I see you. I am fighting for you and all the Sandy's out there. My mom Sandy, depending on the day, was beaten for being too pretty, too ugly, too smart, too dumb. This man beat my mother's limbs and down her spirit. His abuse was the deepest of betrayals. For the short stories that we share here today if they make people uncomfortable. Good let that discomfort lead to transformation transformation in our discourse transformation our lawmaking and a renewed commitment to our shared humanity. No more mommy! This one's for you! I yield back

Ayanna witnessed her biological father commit "the deepest of betrayals" and Sandra never reported him to his parole officer or obtained an order of protection against him. Sandra just let him routinely beat the crap out of her in front of his biological daughter and did nothing. This abuse didn't motivate Ayanna and Sandra to do something about the incestuous child rape which was presumably going on at the same time as the beating, perpetrated by the same man, Martin Terrell. Another thing that makes this researcher believe Terrell is the abuser is this part of a autobiography from Pressley's Congressional website:

Born in Cincinnati and raised in Chicago, Congresswoman Pressley is the only child of a single mother and a father who was in and out of the criminal justice system - creating an unstable household and forcing her to mature at a rapid rate. While her father ultimately overcame his addiction and went on to become a published author, Congresswoman Pressley was primarily raised by her mother Sandra Pressley, a tenantsí rights organizer who instilled in her the value of civic engagement. [REF]


(1) While she attended Boston University, by her own admission, AYANNA PRESSLEY was raped by a well known campus figure and never reported it to the university or to police.

(2) This student was a serial rapist who continued to commit rape after he violated her.

(3) AYANNA PRESSLEY cannot file charges as the statute of limitations for rape in Massachusetts is 15 years

(4) As July 2019 AYANNA PRESSLEY refuses to even identify her assailant.

(5) AYANNA PRESSLEY is protecting her rapist.

Boston City Councilor-at-Large AYANNA PRESSLEY has long described herself as a survivor of sexual assault. But during a City Council meeting she said she was raped while studying at Boston University. Pressley was nineteen when she was raped. "What happened to me could have happened anywhere on any college campus. And it fact, it does." Pressley would not say whether she reported the rape and how Boston University handled the situation. Pressley, was serving as a resident assistant in a dorm, has said she was raped by someone she knew. [Reference March 31, 2011]


I am a survivor of sexual assault while a college student. I knew my attacker although I've been frank about overcoming childhood sexual abuse and sexual assault as a young woman I hope you know it is hard for me to say it every time that I do and even harder to live with it the feelings of shame emotional trauma and recollection of social isolation and hostility I experienced while on campus because my attacker was well-known to many. I believe as a society we are too tolerant when it comes to sexual violence which is why it is commonly referred to as a crime of silence because it is underreported. really not about the specifics and the particulars about my experience. The reason I tell my story is to create space and dignity for survivors to let them know that they are seen, that they are not alone, and that I am going to be vigilant in this moment for their healing and justice. That is truly the disgrace to our nation, that survivors are never given the justice they are deserved. During my tenure and when I was running for office many people told me to stop telling my truth they said it made people especially men uncomfortable but I did it anyway and especially in the company of men and there wasn't a forum or a room that I went into that at the into that some young girl or woman would approach me and say that they too were survivors and they thanked me for empowering them by telling my story. I look forward to a day when the offenders are truly held accountable.

After SANDRA PRESSLEY endured repeated beatings by her thug husband and AYANNA PRESSLEY endured 10 years of sexual assault by the same man you would think she would finally go to the police by the time she got to college. But AYANNA PRESSLEY has said she never reported the assault because of the social isolation and shame she felt. This is not the reason AYANNA PRESSLEY kept it to herself. It was because the rapist was black and she didn't want to become a new Anita Hill. By her own admission she is hypocrite who tells others to come forward with names and charges but doesn't really do so herself. Not only that but she let this animal chase her out of Boston University "Congresswoman Pressley moved to Boston, MA in 1992 to attend Boston University, however, after a couple of years of enrollment, she withdrew from the University to help support her mother."[Reference]

AYANNA PRESSLEY knew her attacker and he had raped other women. "Well known to many" She let him continue his crimes. "Underreported?" "Crime of silence?" That's exactly what she engaged in. Reason they are never given the justice they deserve is because of people like AYANNA PRESSLEY don't report the rape to the police or university or to the high school nurse. This encourages the predator to find more prey and makes AYANNA PRESSLEY an accomplise. Stop telling her truth? She is telling a half truth. She was raped but refused to ID the rapist. AYANNA PRESSLEY is looking forward to the day when offenders are truly held accountable. How can they can be held accountable when weaklings like her refuse to press charges? Or even complain to the school administration? PRESSLEY went on to say "The the first time I received hate mail was when I disclosed I was a survivor of campus sexual assault.Ē Why should she receive hate mail for saying she was raped in college? She didn't report it?


Terrell: ďAfter my motherís death during the birth of Jerome in 1957, just before my 12th birthday, my four sisters and younger brother all lived on Gest Street in Cincinnatiís West End with my stepfather who habitually abused us, beat on us. In the backdrop of drugs and crime of the West End, I struggled to find a way out. Getting a college degree was my road to a way out."

He did find a way out and became a intellectual who married Jeanette Davia Terrell, whose voter registration records reveal RACE WHITE. The couple live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. "Now retired, Martin worked for more than twenty years as a ďprofessional beggar,Ē as he puts it. The former Campaign Manager and Major Gift fundraiser enjoyed raising funds for both universities and non-profits. He is co-author of the Social, Political and Economic Contexts of Public Relations, a Journalism graduate school textbook.


Sandra Pressley had the misfortune of meeting Martin Terrell while working as an activist in Cincinnati. Terrell was a poverty pimp. They married and had AYANNA PRESSLEY, but Pressley moved to Chicago and the couple later divorced. Martin Terrell spent 16 years in and out of prison for burglarizing the homes of drug dealers and for pulling armed home invasions on law biding citizens. When Martin saw his daughter speak at a political event he said ďI was just bursting. I had never seen her that way. As her dad, I had always seen her from afar.Ē (other "bursting" involved bursting into people's homes and terrorizing them). In his book, Without A Compass Martin claims the "junkies messed it up for the pot heads in his hood and heroin dealers were getting ripped off and beaten." He was one of the gangsters ripping off the dope dealers. He never mentions his criminal record of which this is a small part:

Effective Date: July 1, 1996. Sentence Parole End Date = June 27, 1988 | Parole Status = PAROLED | Sentence Max Years = 25 | Sentence Min Years = 6 Offense Code 2911.12 2 Offense Description BURGLARY Sentence Parole End Date = June 27, 1988 | Parole Status = PAROLED | Sentence Max Years = 15 | Sentence Min Years = 2 Status PAROLED Offense Description NOT SPECIFIED Sentence Parole End Date = November 29, 1979 | ParoleStatus = PAROLED Status PAROLED BURGLARY Case Number 14431800 Crime County Hamilton Offense Code 2911.12 2 Offense Description BURGLARY Disposition SENTENCED Conviction Place HAMI Status PAROLED Case Number 16983700 Crime County Hamilton Offense Code 2911.11 2 Offense Description AGG BURGLARY Disposition SENTENCED Conviction Place Status PAROLED Offense Description UNSPECIFIED Status PAROLED

On her Congressional Webpage Pressley makes it seem as if he father was had a problem with drugs not with other thugs. See References for definition of aggravated burglary .


AYANNA PRESSLEY is a member of "The Squad" a coaliton of Jew haters that include Arab, Somali, Socialist and herself a Black racist Farrakhan supporter. The German word for "Squad" is Einsatzgruppen which were paramilitary death squads of Nazi Germany that were responsible for mass killings, primarily by shooting, AYANNA PRESSLEY quoted Alice Walker, a Jew hating Black professor and a Black racist who praises Nazis even though they would like to SEND HER BACK to Africa. Walker first big hit was The Color Purple, produced by Steven Spielberg, child of Holocaust survivors. AYANNA PRESSLEY is a Black racist who was elected on the basis of race from neighborhoods in Boston where many Whites were driven out by Black Crime.


I donít want to bring a chair to an old table. This is the time to shake the table. This is the time to redefine that table. Because if youíre going to come to this table, all of you who have aspirations of running for office. If youíre not prepared to come to that table and represent that voice, donít come, because we donít need any more brown faces that donít want to be a brown voice. We donít need black faces that donít want to be a black voice. We donít need Muslims that donít want to be a Muslim voice. We donít need queers that donít want to be a queer voice. If youíre worried about being marginalized and stereotyped, please donít even show up because we need you to represent that voice.

You can see who her constituents were in Boston by her accomplishments in setting back civilization:

  • Revised and mandated enforcement of a pregnant and parenting teen policy for Boston Public Schools to strengthen pathways to graduation and to reduce the dropout rate.

    Made it more acceptable to become a teen baby mom.

  • Developed a comprehensive, culturally competent, medically accurate, and age appropriate sexual education and health curriculum, which was successfully adopted as a permanent part of the Boston Public Schoolsí wellness policy,

    A policy that conforms to black culture (culturally competent) and that allows abortion (medically accurate) that conforms to Black sexual age standards (age appropriate).

  • Convened the first ďlistening-only hearingĒ in the Boston City Councilís history, where 300 families impacted by gun violence and trauma shared their stories with city officials,

    Like it was the fault of City Officials rather than the African-American community

  • Partnered with the National Black Womenís Justice Institute, to develop evidence-based research to reform school disciplinary policies that contribute to the school to prison pipeline for black and Latinx girls, and

    Made school discipline more lax to accomodate gang members, disruptive students. The National Black Women's Institute believes that black girls are "criminalized" in other words the teachers aren't accustomed to Black "hip hop thug culture" that involves a different level of morality so they look at their behavior as criminal when it is perfectly normal.

  • Successfully pushed for the creation of 75 new liquor licenses, 80% dedicated to disenfranchised neighborhoods, resulting in the creation of dozens of new restaurants and hundreds of jobs in local Boston communities.

    This is a joke right? She opened 75 more bars in the ghettos of Boston. Next she will open 75 pawn shops.


    Since her district covers most of Beantown, Ayanna Pressley's district is part Jewish-liberal so she has to continue to convince these fools that as evil as Israel is, it still has the right to exist., so she voted for an anti BDS Resolution that contained watered down statements like: "Whereas the Global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS Movement) targeting Israel is a campaign that does not favor a two-state solution and that seeks to exclude the State of Israel and the Israeli people from the economic, cultural, and academic life of the rest of the world." She knew a Resolution was going to pass so the best thing she could do was vote for the most timid resolution. In her press release she stated "I am also proud to be a co-sponsor of H.Res 496 Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Rep. John Lewisís resolution that opposes any and all unconstitutional efforts to undermine and limit the rights of individuals to peacefully protest and engage in boycotts." She is one of the Squad and voting for this tepid resolution was part of the way she will stay in power to further her ultimate goal, the same she shares with the rest, the destruction of the State of Israel.


    As I have noted many times before, I arrive at my decisions in close partnership with community. Today I cast a yes vote on H.Res 246 as an expression of solidarity with Jewish families and with marginalized communities that continue to face heightened threats to their safety in this volatile moment driven by hateful rhetoric from the Trump Administration. Todayís vote gave us a very narrow and rushed opportunity to engage on an issue that warrants much further meaningful dialogue with the voices of all impacted at the table to say the very least. As a dedicated advocate for survivors of violence and trauma, I will continue to support a two-state solution. I am also proud to be a co-sponsor of H.Res 496 Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Rep. John Lewisís resolution that opposes any and all unconstitutional efforts to undermine and limit the rights of individuals to peacefully protest and engage in boycotts. I was raised in the tradition of protest and organizing and I support our ability to raise our voices through peaceful protest and action is a sacred right that has played a pivotal role in this nationís history. We can call out and question the tactics of a movement but we should never question or marginalize the lived experiences and voices of those who call out for civil rights and liberties, including the Palestinian people.

    AYANNA PRESSLEY wants to have it both ways "I am also proud to be a co-sponsor of H.Res 496 Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Rep. John Lewisís resolution that opposes any and all unconstitutional efforts to undermine and limit the rights of individuals to peacefully protest and engage in boycotts."


    AYANNA PRESSLEY appeared outside Bostonís Muhammad Mosque No. 11 a Nation of Islam mosque that has played host to numerous dangerous crackpots. Wesley Muhammad gave a lecture at in February entitled ďThe Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews: The Homosexual Conspiracy!Ē Christopher Bollyn gave a lecture on his views that Zionists and Israelis were behind the 9/11 attacks.


    The legislature of Illinois along with the Governor in 2013, signed into law the removal of all relevant applicable statute of limitations with respect to sexual abuse cases. This includes not only statutes of limitations related to asserting criminal charges against an alleged sexual abuser by a victim, but also civil liability claims against such perpetrators. Prior to the passage of this new law, the statute of limitations was twenty (20) years to assert either criminal or civil claims against an alleged sexual abuse perpetrator. [Reference]

    2911.11 Aggravated burglary. (A) No person, by force, stealth, or deception, shall trespass in an occupied structure or in a separately secured or separately occupied portion of an occupied structure, when another person other than an accomplice of the offender is present, with purpose to commit in the structure or in the separately secured or separately occupied portion of the structure any criminal offense, if any of the following apply: (1) The offender inflicts, or attempts or threatens to inflict physical harm on another; (2) The offender has a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance on or about the offender's person or under the offender's control. (B) Whoever violates this section is guilty of aggravated burglary, a felony of the first degree. (C) As used in this section: (1) "Occupied structure" has the same meaning as in section 2909.01 of the Revised Code. (2) "Deadly weapon" and "dangerous ordnance" have the same meanings as in section 2923.11 of the Revised Code.




    ďI will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse
    and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.Ē - Genesis 12:1-3

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